Section 106
When a company such as Berkley Homes get approval to build a large number of homes such as Rye Wood on the site of the old cold store, they must make monies available for community projects. This is known as a Section 106 Agreement. Kent County Council and Sevenoaks Distict Council are responsible for allocating this money to various community facilities.
The Village Hall Comittee have secured 25,000 of funding to help develop the hall.

This is an excerpt from the agreement:

Dunton Green Village Hall Total cost 25,310, including a contingency sum of 1,000, of which 310 will be paid by the Village Hall Management Committee should the full contingency sum be needed.
Specification (summary) Cost Purpose
Small extension to accommodate disabled toilet facilities, baby changing area and modern kitchen facilities, including use purchase of new kitchen and cooker 23,830 To add additional facilities to the village hall to allow better use by those in the community with disabilities or mobility impairments. The modern kitchen facilities and baby changing will allow the hall to be used by a greater section of the community for activities and events that are not currently possible.
Fees and survey costs 480
Project contingency 1,000 Use of contingency sum if not used: additional storage and improvements to the room adjacent to the kitchen.
Timescale: Works will start within 8 weeks of confirmation of funding and planning permission. The work is expected to take 12 weeks.
Other information
The Village Hall Management Committee owns the land on which the project will take place. There is a trust deed covering the use of the hall which is compatible with community use.
Suggested conditions:
1 That the Village Hall Management Committee agrees to maintain and insure the facilities in the future.
2 That the Village Hall Management Committee makes appropriate arrangements professionally to own and supervise the construction of the facilities and understands that no additional funding is available to underwrite any costs above the agreed sum of 25,000 and that any additional costs should be found by the Village Hall Management Committee.
3 That the Village Hall Management Committee ensures that all planning and other necessary permissions are in place.
4 That the Village Hall Management Committee keeps hall users informed and involved in the plans for and use of the building.
5 That the village hall remains available for community use for a minimum of 5 years.

You can see a copy of the plans here (please note it may take a while to download).